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White Magic Money Spells ||| Spells With Real Names: this theory suggests that the true name of a person allows us to control it, even to do him harm. The name can also be used as a connection, or to release from a work of magic. It is interesting to remember that the ancient Egyptians never revealed his real name, which was given to them at birth. The Jews did not disclose to anyone the name of God, and even today, the Popes and Kings have changed the name to assume its mandate, as remnants of these ancient traditions and superstitions about magic with the names. Rituals of Immortality: || The Taoist perspective, life is finite and want to live beyond the natural limits of our body opposes the flow of nature. Anyway, always existed between many sorcerers and secret rituals to attain immortality, which generated great controversies, since to be demonstrated his ineffectiveness the Watcher practitioner should die. Business Spells. Infertility Spells. Do Miracles and Foretell.call dr. mono +27832242096.