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Man gets hugeerection lasting 7 days +27730727287A man had amassive erection which lasted for a week after having prescription drugs. Butmatters became worse when doctors started making fun of the situation, and nowhe is suing the hospital.EdwardStalling' case of a long-lasting penis erection did not start with Viagra asmight be assumed. In fact he was being treated for post-traumatic stressdisorder and was prescribed a single dosage of antidepressant Tradition asa sleep aid.The painfulerection that resulted ended with Starlings driving himself to the VAhospital, but his suffering did not end there, the reported.For the next10 days, he said the doctors "ran needles in his penis" after hedeveloped fibrosis in his penis.Even withthe medical attention, Stalling has not recovered and he now has extremedifficulty urinating, the report quoted Stalling' lawyer, Jonathan Johnson assaying. "When they admitted him, he had to be hospitalized for 10days," Johnson said. "It's not functional as a sex organ and he hastrouble urinating. We're going to bring a case against the VA."To makematters worse, Stalling said he was humiliated by the VA hospital doctorsand nurses, who allegedly stopped by just to see the penis erection."Onehad mentioned that I should line up all the women? I haven't had that manypeople who had seen it in my whole life, until I went to that hospital,"the report quoted stalling as saying.He claimedthat the VA hospital "treated him as some kind of spectacle to beviewed".Call, What’sApp, Call + 27730727287. Or Email: baabamukasa1@gmail.com, YouTube: - https://youtu.be/cAVxfQ0j90gWebsite:- https://baabamukasa1.wixsite.com/baaba-mukasaBlogger:-  https://draft.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=Twitter;- https://twitter.com/baabamukasaPinterest: -https://za.pinterest.com/baabamukasa/GoogleWebsite: - african-tree-bark-penis-enlargement.business.siteFacebook: - https://www.facebook.com/BangalalaProducts/?modal=admin_todo_tour